Source code for typed_settings.exceptions

Exceptions raised by Typed Settings.

[docs] class TsError(Exception): """ **Basse class** for all typed settings exceptions. """
[docs] class UnknownFormatError(TsError): """ Raised when no file format loader is configured for a given config file. """
[docs] class ConfigFileNotFoundError(TsError): """ Raised when a mandatory config file does not exist. """
[docs] class ConfigFileLoadError(TsError): """ Raised when a config file exists but cannot be read or parsed/loaded. """
[docs] class InvalidOptionsError(TsError): """ Raised when loaded settings contain an option that is not defined in the settings class. """
[docs] class InvalidValueError(TsError): """ Raised the value of an option cannot be converted to the correct type. """
[docs] class InvalidSettingsError(TsError): """ Raised when the loaded settings cannot be converted to an instances of the settings class. """