Source code for typed_settings._file_utils

from pathlib import Path
from typing import Iterable, Optional, Union

ROOT_DIR = Path().resolve().root

[docs] def find( filename: str, stop_dir: Union[str, Path] = ROOT_DIR, stop_files: Iterable[str] = (".git", ".hg"), *, start_dir: Optional[Path] = None, ) -> Path: """ Search for a file in the current directory and its parents and return its path. If the file cannot be found until *stop_dir* is reached or a directory contains *stop_file*, return the input *filename*. Args: filename: The name of the file to find. stop_dir: Stop searching if the current search dir equals this one. stop_files: Stop searching if the current search dir contains this file. start_dir: Start directory for the search, defaults to the current directory. Returns: The resolved path to *filename* if found, else ``Path(filename)``. Examples: Find :file:`settings.toml` until the root of the current directory is reached:: find("") Find :file:`pyproject.toml` only in the current Git project:: find("pyproject.toml", stop_file=".git") .. versionchanged:: 23.1.0 Added the *start_dir* parameter. """ if start_dir is None: start_dir = Path.cwd() start = start_dir.joinpath(filename) for path in start.parents: p = path.joinpath(filename) if p.exists(): return p if path == stop_dir: return start for stop_file in stop_files: if path.joinpath(stop_file).exists(): return start return start